Custom Built Living Quarters Toy Haulers

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Nationwide Source for Value Priced, Compact, Light Weight, Custom Built Living Quarters Toy Haulers and Enclosed Motorcycle Trailers


Aero Toy Haulers has Developed an Extremely Unique, Effective and Economical Solution to the High Cost of Owning a Toy Hauler.

You will be pleased to know that we have produced an all new Living Quarters Toy Hauler that is much Smaller and Lighter, More Compact, Less Expensive and Completely Brand New to the Market. This new Toy Hauler will out Perform any other in its Size Range and at a price that is Much Less than any other Toy Hauler.

Our Objective was to Eliminate the Big Financial Jump from a Small Truck and Toy Hauler to a Much Larger Truck and Toy Hauler that Costs an additional $35,000.00 / $45,000.00 More and accomplish this with a Compact Model that will do the Same Job, if not More and at a Substantially Lower Price!

At present most Toy Haulers are 24′ to 35′ in size and Larger. In most instances they have Fold Down Bunk Beds that are no higher than 14” off the floor. At bed time the Motorcycles or other Toys must be parked outside the Toy Hauler, as when the Fold Down Bunk Beds are folded down, there is not enough room for them to be parked inside. The Motorcycles, Cargo and Toys are then subjected to rain, floods, fires, falling tree limbs, animal exposure, theft, vandalism, falling down, etc.

Trailer Manufacturers make Living Quarters Trailers / Toy Haulers even larger than the above referenced units to accommodate the serious Bike Enthusiast that Refuse to Park their Bikes outside while they Sleep. These Trailers have an additional Room added on that is referred to as a Garage. Once the Toy Hauler extends beyond 30’ in length the 3500 LB Axles are not sufficient enough to carry the additional weight. Consequently, the 3500 LB Axles will need to be replaced with 5200 LB Axles to now carry the additional weight of an extra long and heavy Trailer.

This is the beginning of a Domino Effect and it does not stop here. The F-150 or 1500 Series Pick up Truck will now Strain and Labor to pull this Large and Heavy Trailer. The truck engine and transmission will now run Hotter and Consume much more Fuel. Consequently, a larger and more expensive truck will now be required. A Compact Aero Toy Hauler is the only Solution and the best way to go!


We are a Florida Based and Licensed Franchise Recreational Vehicle Dealer that has partnered with Forest River Inc., which is owned by Warren Buffet and is the largest Recreational Vehicle Manufacturer in the World. We love what we do and enjoy bringing happiness and satisfaction to our customers.


Forest River TrailersWe Design and Engineer our own Toy Haulers and Forest River assembles them for us on a Dedicated Assembly Line in Ocilla Georgia. These are World Class State of the Art Champion Toy Haulers that are as EXOTIC as a SPACE SHIP and LUXURIOUS as a PALACE. We have Designed and Built the Worlds first Compact Toy Hauler in existence. This section References our all new Compact Toy Hauler (Motorcycle Transporter Series) Trailers that are 8’6” X 16’ and up to 53’ long. These units are constructed much differently than all other traditional Mainstream Trailers and Toy Haulers.


Aero Toy Haulers are not for Everyone; they are for a Select Few that Demand only the Best. Our Toy Haulers are very SPECIALIZED, SOPHISICATED, EXOTIC and RARE; Nothing will Ever come close to the STRUCTURAL INTEGRITY, FUNCTIONALITY, MEGA OPTIONS, ACCESSORIES, FEATURES, SAFETY and APPEARANCE. They are constructed out of 30-K Sheet Aluminum, Brite Dip Aluminum, Stainless Steel, Super Alloy Billet and 4-Ply / High Viscosity, Yellow Pine Wood that is not Engaged by any other Dealer or Manufacturer. Our Floors are Steel Belted and UN-breakable. All of our Toy Haulers are Insulated with both Inner and Outer Wall Insulation to include the Ceiling. Our Materials are Extremely Hi-Line and often times Cost More than a Competitors Entire Trailer. Be Assured that there is no other Toy Hauler Built like an Aero Toy Hauler.


The Designer V-Nose on the Aero Toy Hauler is the first Indication that it is Radically Different from any other; the Rounded Front Corners make it easy to see why it is called an Aero Toy Hauler, as in Aerodynamic. The V Nose is a Double Radius Configuration with a Cathedral Inner Nose Structure that adds an additional 18″ of space to be utilized. The V-Nose is Complemented with a Stainless Steel Cap, Bordered by J – Moldings on each side. Below is a 24″ Aluminum Diamond Plate Stone Guard also Bordered by J – Moldings.


The Double Radius Designer V-Nose that comes standard on all of our Toy Haulers is a very Special and Aerodynamic V-Nose that is Double Radius on the outside and Cathedral (round) on the inside.

The outer right and left side of the V-Nose tuck in and form valleys that act as smooth channels which slow the air down as the trailer is being pulled. The rounded corners quickly remove the air from the channels and slide this air away from the trailer rapidly, so as to decrease the overall Drag Factor and offer more fuel economy. The Aerodynamic design will also decrease the strain on the drive line of the towing vehicle and allow for cooler operating temperatures of both the engine and transmission.

The second most important feature of the Double Radius V-Nose is the inside Cathedral (round) interior. UNLIKE most other standard traditional pie shaped V-Nose trailers that have no cargo space in the right and left front nose section, the Double Radius is instead round on the inside and offers much more space which now houses 40% of the present bathroom.

These rounded Aero Dynamic DESIGN FEATURES are engaged by Ferrari Lamborghini, Porsche and many other Exotic Car Manufacturers, who have spent tens of Millions in Engineering to have the fastest cars in the World.

While the Double Radius V-Nose on the Aero Toy Hauler is designed specifically for Performance, it manifests a very Exotic Appearance and offers a More Spacious Up Front Interior than most others. Once you own one of these World Class Champions, you will never switch.


Our all new wide body Toy Hauler has been Re-Engineered with Modifications to the Right and Left Rear Corner Post. These Corner Post which are 6” wide and 2” thick and face the Rear of the trailer (street side) are now twisted vertically, so that the 6” wide section of the Corner Post now faces the curb side, Rather than the street side. This allows a wider vehicle or freight to be loaded through the Rear Entrance of the Toy Hauler with No Compromise to the Structural Integrity of the Toy Hauler or its Frame.

The previous Ramp Opening Width on an 8’6” X 16’ or 8’6” X 20’, etc. was 90” wide; the new width is now 96” wide. This is the maximum width (102″) a trailer is allowed to be on United States highways. Thus we have an entirely New Model which we call the “WIDE BODY EDITION“ and now we incorporate this New Engineering into all of our models as a STANDARD FEATURE.

The Ramp is also Wider to match up to the Wider Entrance and accommodate a wide vehicle or cargo, while passing through the entrance. In about ten years from now our competitors will wake up and upgrade their trailers also, by copying our World Class Champion Design and Engineering.

This is only one of the many Design Features and Engineering Endeavors that give you Tomorrows Technology today!


One Glance at our Toy Hauler immediately told youthere was something about them that was very STRIKING and RADICALLY DIFFERENT from all the others; you were suddenly BURSTING with INTEREST, EXCITEMENT and ENTHUSIASM. It is a Great Feeling to be Emotionally Attracted to a Product that you have been Searching for and finally found. Often times a Customer will tell a Dealer that they do not know Exactly what they want, but will KNOW IT, when they SEE IT! Here at Aero Toy Haulers a Customer has very little to Explain; they simply reference their DREAM TRAILER on our web site and in our brochure, make the purchase and find themselves in a very HIGH STATE of SATISFACTION.


We Sell these Toy Haulers to People from all over the World. People come from Alaska to San Diego, from Canada to Texas and from Maine to Florida. Many are sold to Customers in Africa, Australia, Bahamas, Costa Rica, England, Germany, Spain, Puerto Rico, etc. Customers have spent more to Ship these Toy Haulers than they Cost!

The photos above one sample interior. Be sure to fill out our Contact form if you would like to be notified when we release different models.


We journey to Ocilla Georgia every month or two to handle factory deliveries to our customers. Many of you express a desire to see a completed product and this will be an excellent opportunity for you to do just that. The Factory tour is by Video and we will notify a customer when we plan to be at the Factory, should they like to take a guided tour.

Occasionally these units are still under construction and on the assembly line and you are welcome to a tour under either of these circumstances. Those individuals that take this tour will be eligible for a discount on their Toy Hauler purchase. There is an entire page giving far more information about the Factory Tour.

If you would be interested in attending, please use the form on the Contact page to E-mail us with your name, address, phone, etc. so that we can communicate and advise you of the next tour date.

Cordially Yours, Tony Mancuso 321-266-0405