Sep 182012
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Secure Access Through The Side Door

Aero Side DoorThe Side door shown here is a picture of a Recreational Vehicle Side Door on a Aero Toy Hauler. Note that this unit has a Piano Hinge with a Lock Rod, which can not be tampered with; this is 100% secure for all intents and purposes.

Latch And Dead Bolt Door Handle

Further, Aero Toy Haulers have side doors that are Genuine Recreational Vehicle Side Doors with both a Dead Bolt and Handle Lock. They are made out of Yellow Pine and are 1½” thick. They have a Steel Frame with Aluminum Trim and Edge Moldings and are framed with a Custom Piano Hinge Door Frame, which is the Best of the Best. There is no way to break into this side without investing some serious effort and risking jail time. We have a section on Ramps already but offer this advice to obviate a rear entry break in; our advice to Aero Toy Hauler Owners is to back the Trailer against a building or tree when on the road or traveling and Lodging for the night. If you follow this recommendation it is very unlikely that you will ever experience a break in.

Side Door Guillotine Lock
Strap Hinge Aero Door Hinge

Those individuals who are determined to save money at all cost and purchase a Cheap Trailer should be prepared to deal with a Guillotine door lock system. We have offered several pictures for a good review and evaluation. Note that the Guillotine doors are hollow inside and made out of very thin composite, which consist of Saw Dust and Glue. Guillotine side doors require a pad lock as the side door has no built in Lock System. Don’t waste your money on an expensive Pad Lock as the Side Door on the Cheap Trailer can be broken into with a Tire Iron; specifically, the Guillotine Lock can be broken into in less than 60 Seconds.
Old Fashion External Hinges that are installed on all Guillotine side doors have hinges that are secured with Hinge Pins and can be removed with a Hammer and Punch. Accordingly, a thief has a choice of engaging a Tire Iron or Hammer and Punch. In any event the thief will work FAST and will make a score every time, due to the poor design of the Cheap Trailer! You would be better off leaving the Pad Lock OFF the side door and allowing the thief to steal the contents of your Trailer. Placing a Pad Lock on a Guillotine Handle to lock the side door will result in a broken Guillotine Handle with an INCAPACITATED Trailer. Aside from this all of your cargo will still be stolen anyway!