Sep 272012
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The V-Nose on our Toy Haulers are a special Patented design, known as a Double Radius V-Nose.

v-nose trailerV-Nose trailers are very popular today, especially with the way fuel prices are on the rise. V-Nose Toy Haulers eliminate much of the drag factor, reduce fuel cost substantially, and also limit the wear and tear on the engine and automatic transmissions.

They are simply different, exotic, and beautiful. There is nothing like them anywhere. The Double Radius V-Nose that comes standard on all of our Toy Haulers is a very Special and Aerodynamic V-Nose that is a Double Radius on the outside and as spacious as a Cathedral (round) on the inside.

V-NoseThe outer right and left side of the V-Nose tuck in and form valleys that act as smooth channels which slow the air down as the trailer moves. The rounded corners quickly dispell the air from the channels and slide this air away from the trailer rapidly, so as to decrease the overall Drag Factor and increase fuel economy. The Aerodynamic Design will also decrease the strain on the drive line of the towing vehicle and allow for cooler operating temperatures of both the engine and transmission.

The second most important feature of the Double Radius V-Nose is the inside Cathedral (round) interior. UNLIKE most other standard traditional pie shaped V-Nose Trailers that have no cargo space in the right and left front nose section, the Double Radius is instead round on the inside and offers much more space that can be fully accessed for our Toy Haulers bathroom, plumbing and storage requirements.

Iinner VNoseThese rounded Aero Dynamic DESIGN FEATURES are engaged by Ferrari, Lamborghini, Porsche, and many other Exotic Car Manufacturers, who have spent tens of Millions in Engineering to have the Fastest Cars in the World.

While the Double Radius V-Nose on the Aero Toy Hauler is designed specifically for Performance, it manifests a very Exotic Presence and offers a more up front space than most others. Once you own one of these World Class Champions, you will never part with it.